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Want Better Sleep? Try Sleeping With Friends

Kyle McMahon, Braincraft's Vanessa Hill & Dr Ryan Robinson discuss Vanessa's new YouTube Originals series Sleeping With Friends and the sleep epidemic affecting so many of us.

We have a sleep epidemic around the world and not enough people are talking about it. A new YouTube Originals series, Sleeping With Friends, aims to bring some of those problems to light. I sat down with producer and host, Vanessa Hill (of the insanely popular BrainCraft YouTube channel) and Dr. Ryan Robinson of Pain and Sleep Therapy Center to discuss Sleeping With Friends for Pop Culture Weekly.

Sleeping With Friends is a reality competition with an educational bent, that pits two EduTubers against each other in a competition to see who can improve their sleep the most. The series brings in both experts and technology to educate the YouTubers on what they're doing wrong that is interrupting their sleep and to help get them on track to improve.

I asked Vanessa what was the most surprising thing she discovered in this epic experiment. Hill responded, "People rely on sleep aids and sleep technology when they could just be having better behaviors and habits. For example we had blue blocking glasses....when we gave them to the contestants, they just spent like 10 times more time on their phone and they were using their phone in bed. They were like 'I have these glasses on it's fine.' Well, you're still not sleeping you're just spending time on your phone."

Dr. Robinson, one of the only triple board certified in Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Medicine doctors in the country, thinks it's wonderful that Vanessa is bringing positive awareness to sleep. "There is nothing that sleep doesn't effect...In our clinic, we see a ton of patients who can't sleep because they think it's insomnia or whether its a medical condition like sleep apnea...We see it all the time that everyone has (their own) unique (sleep) problem."

Dr. Ryan Robinson, sleep expert, Pain & Sleep Therapy Center

Sleeping With Friends is an incredible series that is both fun and educational and gives plenty of helpful tips on how to change behaviors in your own life to give you better sleep. Simply looking at the statistics of sleep patterns and habits in America, this is a special we all need to watch.

Check out the full interview with Vanessa Hill and Dr. Robinson above or here on YouTube. You can watch Sleeping With Friends, a YouTube Original, on the BrainCraft YouTube channel. Find Dr. Robinson at Pain And Sleep Therapy Center.


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