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There's a Ton of New Golden Girls Merchandise Coming

There is a ton of new Golden Girls merchandise coming & Some is available right now

The Golden Girls is a classic sitcom that ran from 1985 to 1992 on NBC spanning 7 seasons and racking up 68 Emmy nominations, 11 Emmy awards and spawning 3 spin offs. From when it first debuted to today, The Golden Girls has collected hundreds of millions of fans through both its original run as well its second life in decades of reruns.

The show found widow Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan) with fellow widow Rose Nylund (Betty White), divorcee Dorothy Zbornack (Bea Arthur) and Dorothy's mother Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) all living together in a Blanche's Miami house. Through friendship as family, the four tackled life in their Golden years, addressing many controversial topics at the time with charm, wit and heart.

The past few years have found a renaissance of interest in The Golden Girls merchandise. In fact, more merchandise is available now (with even more coming) than was ever available when the show was originally on the air. From Golden Girls cruises to lunchboxes, there's a slew of excellent merchandise available for fans.

With a recent slate of announcements of brand new Golden Girls merchandise, I figured Pop Culture Weekly could do a roundup of what's coming (& available to pre-order), as well as some favorites that are available now.

This The Golden Girls Lunchbox is sure to keep your cheesecake fresh and in style. It's decked out in some of the ladies signature colors along with a pic of the four on one side with the logo on the opposite side. Get The Golden Girls Lunchbox on Entertainment Earth now!

These Golden Girls Funko POPs are the perfect collectors item for a Golden Girls fan. This set features all four of the ladies in poses you know and love. Get Golden Girls Funko POP set from Amazon!

These Icon Heroes Golden Girls Bobbleheads are a great addition to your Golden Girls collection. Featuring the girls in classic outfits and poses, these are ones you'll love having as the centerpiece of your Miami patio. Get Icon Heroes Golden Girls Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia Bobbleheads from Entertainment Earth!

To finish your Golden Girls Bobbleheads collection, get this Icon Heroes Golden Girls Rose Nylund Gold Dress Bobblehead variant. This limited edition sparky gold dress version of Rose Nylund is a SDCC 2020 Exclusive (San Diego Comic Con 2020). Get Rose Nylund Gold Dress Exclusive Bobblehead now before it's gone forever!

These fun Golden Girls Funko POP! Pez figures are both fun and delicious. The Pez candy that is, not the figures. Don't eat the figures. Entertainment Earth has got all four for less than $5th each. Get Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia Golden Girls Funko POP! Pez!

These NECA Golden Girls Clothed Action Figures were insanely popular when they came out a couple of years ago. They were so popular in fact, that they quickly sold out everywhere. NECA is doing another run of the popular figures. Get your NECA Golden Girls Action Figures now from Entertainment Earth including Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Dorothy!

You'll probably work up a sweat being sassy and stylish, so you'll definitely want this Tritan 24 oz Golden Girls Water Bottle. It features all four ladies facies on a bed of Miami palm tree leaves. What could be better? Get the Golden Girls Water Bottle now from Entertainment Earth!

If you're looking for a few hours of fun, the Funkoverse Golden Girls Strategy Game is insanely fun and addictive. Each Golden Girl has unique abilities you can choose to use in the supermarket or the iconic Golden Girls home to win the game.. There are special items like cheesecake to help you through. It's a love letter to the show and makes for an excellent night with friends. Even better, you can combine this with other Funkoverse Strategy Game like Harry Potter for insane and fun combinations. Where else can you team up Sophia to fight alongside the Jaws shark? Get the Funko Funkoverse Golden Girls Board Game #100 featuring Blanche and Rose and pickup up Funko Funkoverse Golden Girls Strategy Game #101 featuring Dorothy and Sophia to expand the game!

Let me know what you think about all the cool new and upcoming Golden Girls merchandise!


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