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Gloria Estefan talks Brazil305, first album in 7 Years & More!

Legendary music icon Gloria Estefan talks her new album Brazil305, if she'll ever tour again, her incredible four decade career, how she got through her near fatal accident & so much more on Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

When you are talking about artists that have sold over 100 million records, it's a short list. You're talking about artists like Madonna (over 320 million), The Beatles (400 million), Elton John (218 million) and Tina Turner (103 million). One of the artists in that exclusive club arrived on the scene in 1977 as part of the Miami Sound Machine. She went on to be largely responsible for bringing Latin music to Main Street USA. That artist is none other than Gloria Estefan.

Photo credits: Formento & Formento * Hair: Eddy Munster * Make-up: Judy Jacomino * Wardrobe: Veronica Porras

Over the last 40 plus years, Gloria Estefan has brought worldwide smash hits like Conga, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You and Coming Out of the Dark to radios around the world. In fact, besides the 20 Billboard US Top 40 hits she's racked up, she has an astounding 16 #1's on the Billboard US Latin Chart, proving just how popular she is around the world. More impressively, she's written the majority of these songs.

With the release of Brazil305, her first album in 7 years, I sat down with the music icon for this weeks episode of Pop Culture Weekly. We discussed Cuando Hay Amor, the celebratory lead single from the album, as well as Samba, a clever reimagining of her mega smash hit Conga. In fact, Brazil305 is a complete revamping of some of her classic hits and fan favorites done with Brazilian musicians and orchestrated by celebrated Brazillian percussionist Laércio Da Costa. Additionally, there's four brand new songs that fit the lushish sounds of Brazil305.

In the half hour interview, Estefan and myself covered a lot of territory starting with the beginning of her career to her near fatal accident where she was told she'd never walk again. Of course, we discuss the new album, as well as if she'll ever tour again and what we can expect next from the music legend.

Watch my interview with Gloria Estefan for this week's episode of Pop Culture Weekly or listen on the podcast!


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