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There's a line of Elvis Funko POPs Coming!

Funko announces Elvis Funko POP!

There's a Line of Elvis Funko POPs Coming and I'm Ready!

You know I love my Funko products, especially the Funko POP! line. Like literally, I love Funko. Obviously, working with the largest audio company in the world, I also love music! So when Funko announced that there's a line of Elvis Funko POPs coming, I almost died.

And Elvis? Elvis is just one of those artists that you have to respect, even if you don't listen to his music. He's one of the most successful artists ever. Elvis Presley has 149 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. 114 of those were Top 40 hits, 40 of them were Top 10 and 18 of them went #1. The man is a legend and one of those few artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, that transcend genre, age and time, spanning generations.

Elvis Funko POP line

Funko announced a new line of Elvis Funko POP! collectibles and my wallet is ready! The first Elvis Funko coming is Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock POP! Vinyl Figure. It's got Elvis in his classic black and white striped Jailhouse Rock outfit with the black shoes and white socks that became a precursor to a classic Michael Jackson look.

The next Elvis Funko is the Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii POP! vinyl figure. This figure is taken from the 1961 Blue Hawaii film and features Elvis in cool white pants and a red Hawaiian shirt with a yellow lei.

The third Elvis Funko is the Elvis Presley 1968 Comeback Special POP! vinyl figure. The special was iconic, marking his first time performing in 7 years, due to his movie career. The special relaunched Elvis music career and has become one of the most important musical events in history. The Elvis Presley 1968 Comeback Special POP! vinyl figure sports the iconic all black leather outfit passionately singing into the mic.

Elvis Presely 1968 Comeback Special Glitter Exclusive Funko POP!

Those are the commons. There's a store exclusive Chase edition of the Elvis Presley 1968 Comeback Special Diamond Glitter POP! vinyl figure that is exclusive to Entertainment Earth. This figure is a variant of the other Comeback Special figure, but features the black outfit in a shimmery black glitter. This one will sell out quickly and skyrocket in price, I'm sure. In fact, the 2011 Elvis Presley 70's Aloha figure is currently going for $460.

So, there you have it! The newly announced line of Elvis Presley Funko POP! vinyl figures! I'm excited for all four of these guys and can't wait until November. You could say, I'm all shook up. OK, I'll see myself out.


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