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OMG! These New Disney Funko POPs Are Amazing!

These new Disney Funko POPs are amazing and I need them all! From Fantasia to Disneyland and Disney World, Funko has them!

Disney has been such a huge part of so many of our lives since we were born that it's easy to forget the company has been around since 1923. That means lifetimes and generations of classic movies, characters, series and attractions. This year, Fantasia celebrates its 80th anniversary, Disneyland celebrates its 65th anniversary and Mickey Mouse turns 92! Luckily, Disney has partnered with Funko to celebrate all of it!

Funko Disneyland 65th Anniversary Castle with Mickey POP! Town

This Funko Disneyland 65th Anniversary Castle with Mickey POP! Town is a really cool way to celebrate 65 years of Disneyland all year round. Make sure you get yours here!

In addition the centerpiece of the collection, there are numerous other Disneyland 65th Anniversary Funko POPs coming. There's the Disneyland 65th Anniversary Matterhorn with Donald Duck Funko POP! Ride! This large POP features Donald Duck on the classic Matterhorn ride. Get yours here!

Speaking of iconic Disneyland rides, there's Disneyland 65th Anniversary Mr. Toad in Car Funko POP! Ride, from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Grab your Mr. Toad in Car Funko POP! Ride here!

And of course we can't forget Minnie Mouse who features in Disneyland 65th Anniversary Dumbo Ride with Minnie Mouse Funko POP! Ride. You can get yours here!

The Disney Fantasia 80th Anniversary Mickey #2 (Artist Series) Funko POP features a purple Mickey Mouse in the iconic Fantasia wizard outfit with splotches of neon green, yellow and blue paint. This unique collectible is sure to be one you'll treasure for the next 80 years. Get your Disney Fantasia 80th Anniversary Mickey #2 (Artist Series) Funko POP here.

The Disney Fantasia 80th Anniversary Mickey Mouse #1 (Artist Series) Funko POP! is another special touch on the iconic moment from Fantasia. This version features a deep blue Mickey in the Wizard outfit with a sweeping design of stars across him. It really is unique. Get yours here!

You've heard me talk about the Funko POP! Pins before! I covered the Golden Girls Large Enamel Funko Pins and how cool they are! Well now Funko is launching a line of Disney Large Enamel Funko POP! Pins! Ordering gives you one random pin which could be Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck or Goofy. These are about 3 & 3/4 inches tall, have their own stand and are made up of beautiful metals. You can get your Disney Large Enamel Funko POP! Pins here!

So, there you have it! A whole slew of new Disney merch coming soon from Funko! What do you think? What are you getting? Hit me up and lets talk!


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