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Get Your Mittens Out! It's The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

Get your mittens out! It's the Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

Well it's been quite a week, hasn't it? No matter what side of the aisle you're on though, we all enjoy a good laugh. And nothing has been funnier then the deluge of Bernie Sanders memes from the Biden Inauguration. Bernie, bundled up with his mittens, sat alone and socially distant at the inauguration, seemingly in his own world. A great sport about being a viral meme once again, Bernie said, "I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on. What was really nice is the woman who made the mittens lives in Essex Junction, Vermont, she is a schoolteacher and a very, very nice person. She has been somewhat overwhelmed by the kind of attention that is being shown to her mittens."

Even cooler than being cool about most of the world lovingly poking fun at you? Bernie created a sweatshirt of the meme with the proceeds going to charity. The "Chairman Sanders Crewneck" sweatshirt features the original photo that went viral with 100% of the proceeds going to Meals on Wheels Vermont. You can buy the sweatshirt here.

In the meantime, give yourself a laugh as we look at the best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes.

The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

Was Bernie Sanders the Mike Pence fly?
Harry Potter & The Order of the Bern
WikiHow's How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather as a Bernie
The Bern will go on & on
All the single Bernies, all the single Bernies! Now put your mittens up!
Game of Berns
Are you ready to bernnnnnnn?
Let's put a cold little Bernie right here.
Can you feel the Bern tonight?
The Berndalorian
Oh boy
LOL If there's a better Bernie meme....
Opa Sanders Style
WandaVisionBernie * art by PK_Kenzie
Bernie Phone Home!

So there you have it! Some of my favorite and the best Bernie Sanders Inauguration memes I've seen so far! I hope this has made your day a little bit brighter! Be sure to send me any of your favorite ones.

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