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I Got This Blanket With My Dog On It & I'm Dead From Cute Overload

Thanks to PetCanva, Kyle McMahon got this blanket with his dog Blue on it & we're dead from cute overload!

OK guys, you know one of my greatest life achievements is being the proud father to my dog, Blue. A rescue pitbull that had a horrendous first couple of years, Blue and I found our way into each others lives by sheer fate and the rest is history. Now Blue lives a life of luxury and privilege and my friends at PetCanva helped me continue that with one of their awesome products - a custom pet fleece blanket!

I checked out the PetCanva site which is both fun and easy to navigate and I got excited at all of the possibilities that lay before me. While PetCanva offers numerous custom products to put your adorable pets face on, I went with a blanket since Blue sleeps approximately 92.75% of his day away (with freakin pillows, mind you). For the record, the other 7.25% of his day that isn't spent napping is spent on looking handsome, eating breakfast or dinner, eating snacks, running around outside, viciously defending me from his mortal enemy - the bee 🐝 - and being such a GUD DAWDGEE BOI. But I digress.

Before I began designing my PetCanva Custom Pet Fleece Blanket, I checked out some of their other custom products and had fun putting Blue's face on them all. They have custom clothing, phone cases, puzzles, wrapped canvases and even custom pet socks! It's honestly a pet lovers dream shop and it's one I'll be returning to again and again.

It was easy enough to upload a picture of Blue, although I personally had a hard time deciding which photo I wanted to use. Once I decided, I sent it through their custom portal and within a few hours, I got an e-mail requesting my approval for the artwork of Blue. Once I approved, the real fun began as I was able to try different backgrounds with the sweet new Blue art that PetCanva created for me. There were so many great options to choose from that I kept going back and forth on a number of different configuratons. Ultimately I settled on the spiral background in blue (naturally) and confirmed my order. Within days my order arrived at my door.

The PetCanva Custom Pet Fleece Blanket had arrived and it was huge! I ordered the King size which is 60" x 80" and obviously, much taller than me. I ran inside and opened it and immediately noticed how soft it is. Like it's legit so freakin soft. I ran upstairs to show Blue his new blanket and he loved it! Within minutes, he was back in bed, head on the pillow with said blanket now keeping him warm. The quality is amazing and now it keeps Blue (& sometimes me) warm each night.

I had a great experience with PetCanva and absolutely love the Custom Pet Fleece Blanket. I look forward to purchasing new categories of custom pet products in the years to come. So next time you see me, ask to see my socks ;)

Get your very own custom pet fleece blanket or any other cool custom product for your dog, cat, gerbil or whatever else it is that's got your heart. Head on over to to get started!

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