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Loki Director, Star Talk Keeping Secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki, 2021. Disney / Marvel StudiosPhoto: Disney / Marvel Studios

Loki director Kate Herron and Loki star Gugu Mbatha-Raw talk with Kyle McMahon about keeping the secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on this week's episode of Pop Culture Weekly.

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full force after WandaVision debuted to huge fanfare on Disney+ in January. The Falcon and Winter Soldier came next following Falcon's struggle with taking on the Captain America mantle. Now, fan favorite villain and God of Mischief is up with his solo Disney+ series, Loki. The series follows Loki after the events of Avengers: Endgame and stars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as well as Richard E Grant and features a number of cameos by numerous faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The project was first rumored back in mid 2018 and officially announced November 2018 to a huge explosion of happiness from Marvel Studios fans around the globe.

Loki director Kate Herron. Marvel Studios, 2021. Disney / Marvel.Photo: Disney

Impressively, while filming for Loki began in January of 2020, was halted 6 weeks later and then returned to production in September, no leaks of the story or characters came out. While this would be relatively normal for any other series or movie, this is Marvel Studios we're talking about. Both director Kate Herron and star Gugu Mbatha-Raw state that the Non Disclosure Agreements help.

Herron says:

"In some ways I"m like Loki and I'm very mischievous. So I actually quite have enjoyed...having the secret. I've got so many friends though that try to trip me up or try to get information...It's been quite fun...I took the secrecy very seriously because I hate stuff getting spoiled...I really want people to enjoy the ride and enjoy the story."

Ravonna Renslayer played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Marvel Studios Loki. 2021. Disney / MarvelPhoto: Disney

Mbatha-Raw, the BIFA Best Actress award winner, is used to playing more purely dramatic roles rather than the fan favorite epic powerhouse Ravonna Renslayer she portrays in Loki. Having not been a Marvel superfan helped her keep the secrets of Loki:.

"It's funny, I have to say I'm not the biggest Marvel nerd...This is a new, sort of, venture for me. In a way that sort of goes to my advantage in that respect. I'm an actor and I'm playing this role but I'm not nerding out or stressing out about needing to spill the beans..We've signed so many NDA's as well. Keeping the secrecy of theses shows is so integral for a lot of the surprises that we have along the way. Not knowing everything about the (Marvel Cinematic) Universe has meant that I don't have to feel to stressed about telling everybody everything."

The cast and crew have kept the secrecy of the Disney+ series not just because of the legal contracts, but because of their love both for these stories and the fans of these stories. In Marvels world, secrecy is key to enjoying each new exciting chapter that unfolds on both the big screens and now our small screens too. The talent behind these shows want the audience to be shocked and surprised and love every minute of it. And with $23 billion dollars at the box office and now smashing streaming records courtesy of Disney+, the fans like it that way too.

Marvel Studios' Loki is available exclusively on Disney+ with new episodes every Wednesday. Listen to the full interviews with Kate Herron and Gugu Mbatha-Raw on Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon.


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