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Firefly Festival Artist Spotlight: Marc Rebillet

Firefly Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Marc RebilletPhoto: Marc Rebillet YouTube video

Firefly Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Marc Rebillet

We're getting closer and closer to the Firefly Music Festival 2021 at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware! That means it's the return of the Firefly Artist Spotlights! Today, I'm spotlighting an artist who may not have the name recognition with the general public, but is an insanely talented artist who has millions of followers online. That artist is Marc Rebillet!

Marc Rebillet was born in Dallas Texas before moving to New York City. In 2016, Rebillet began publishing livestreams and YouTube videos of himself, often in just boxers, creating dance music on the fly, typically with hysterical or nonsensical lyrics. Rebillet blew up quickly with a number of videos going viral immediately.

Photo: Marc Rebillet YouTube

Adding Twitch to his content creation, he blew up further embarking on a tour and then quickly adapting when COVID-19 hit, doing a series of live shows online dubbed "Quarantine Livestream Tour". With millions of subscribers and followers through YouTube, Twitch and various socials, Rebillet has proven himself as an extremely talented artist and an innovative live performer.

Marc Rebillet will be performing at Firefly Music Festival 2021 on Thursday September 23rd at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware. I'm so excited to see him live at Firefly! Get your wall to wall Firefly Music Festival backstage pass right here at my Firefly Festival Hub and get up to the second information at the Firefly Music Festival website.


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