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Casio PRO TREK PRT-B50 Review: Smartwatch Tech with Classic Watch Features

Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 review

Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 reviewPhoto: Casio

Casio PRO TREK PRT-B50 Review: Combining Smartwatch technology with classic watch features to make it the perfect Apple Watch alternative for outdoor enthusiasts.

Let's just put it out there, the Apple Watch has become the King in the Smartwatch world. Two years ago, Apple sold 10 million more Apple Watches than the entire Swiss watch industry combined and that number has only grown since then. 

And I'm an Apple Watch fan. It's beautiful, it does what I need when I need it and I don't have to think about it. BUT...

...Besides the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people that don't do Apple, there's also a space out there for companies to release amazing watches that are for people with specific interests. And Casio has done just that. The Casio PRO TREK PRT-B50 is a beautifully developed Smartwatch that is made for the outdoors. If you're into camping, hiking, climbing or anything else related to the great outdoors, you may want to pick up this sleek, new watch.

Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Lineup

Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 LineupPhoto: Casio

When you're hiking or climbing, you really don't want the focus to be on who slid into your DM's or read that weekend e-mail from your boss. Your focus would be on the hike. The PRT-B50 takes the focus off of the numerous notifications, e-mails, phone calls and other distractions, and allows you to hone in on the task you set out to do. It's a subtle but important difference. Most outdoor enthusiasts are out there just as much for the mental benefits as they are out their for the physical benefits. A barrage of notifications isn't exactly conducive to that mental mindset. 

It's also extremely light. You forget it's on your wrist within seconds, coming in at just about 64 grams. And it's extremely versatile, which is important when you're - you know - hiking a freakin mountain. The lineup includes different colors, finishes and materials from the watch itself to the watch bands. The look of the PRT-B50 combines the beauty of a classic watch with a modern sleek twist representing the technology within it.

Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 Review

Photo: Casio

  • Speaking of technology, the watch features:

    Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quad Sensor (Compass, Barometric Pressure, Altitude Temperature, Step Count)
  • Location Indicator
  • Automatic Time Adjustment
  • Accurate Time System
  • World Time
  • Pro Trek App sync
Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50

Photo: Casio

As for me, I'll be using the Pro Trek PRT-B50 in conjunction with my Apple Watch. There's a place in my life for both of them. In a world of technology that's often built for everyone, Casio brings the Pro Trek PRT-B50 which is built for some - and that's a very good thing. This gives it an advantage over other choices for outdoor enthusiasts and it carves its mark out clearly and carefully. If you enjoy the outdoors, you'll want to pick up the Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 as your Smartwatch or pick it up to add to your Smartwatch - or traditional watch - collection.

Buy the Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 on Amazon here!


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