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Keegan-Michael Key talks Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, Comedy & More!

Keegan-Michael Key talks Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, Comedy & More with Kyle McMahon for Pop Culture Weekly

Keegan-Michael Key has been professionally perfecting characters since his debut on Mad TV in 2004. So when he joined the cast of Hotel Transylvania 2 as Murray, he was a seasoned pro. The fan favorite Murray found an expanded role in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and now for the brand new Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania (streaming exclusively on Prime Video), Key had to find a whole new side of Murray: the inside.

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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania finds the beloved franchise characters in a way we've never seen them before: In human form. Drac is ready to announce his retirement when a mishap finds our favorite monsters transformed into human versions of themselves, giving them and the audience, a whole new layer of fun.

Murray the Mummy played by Keegan-Michael Key in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

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When asked if he finds a difference between doing live action work and animation, Key didn't hesitate:

There's a huge line, I find. Which is that you seldom, if ever in an animated film - especially these Hotel Transylvania movies - you're never given the note "pull it back"...which I'm perfectly fine with... I'm always trying to match the exaggerated nature of the animation...I'm trying to match the exaggerated nature of the drawings, so what can I do vocally or what can I do emotionally? There have been times where I've left a booth while working on an animated film where I'm more exhausted than I've been on a live action movie. Because you're trying to fill the character and if the word that you're looking for is exaggerated then you've got to match that.

You can get Key's thoughts on the Hotel Transylvania franchise, if he believes this is truly the final film and much more on Pop Culture Weekly.


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