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You Can Win An Automower With Husqvarna's Plawn Shop Automower Sweepstakes

Husqvarna Plawn Shop Sweepstakes to Win Automower!

Photo: Husqvarna

You Can Win An Automower With Husqvarna's Plawn Shop Automower Sweepstakes, Just In Time For National Lawncare Month

It's National Lawncare Month! To celebrate, Husqvarna is throwing a huge Plawn Shop Sweepstakes with numerous incredible prizes worth over $20,000! If you're anything like me, you love your lawn but you're not a fan of the many hours it takes to keep it looking beautiful. Enter: Husqvarna

Husqvarna has an entire line of Automowers that take away the toils of having to mow your lawn. Raining? Not a problem, Husqvarna's Automowers can work around that. Tired from binging Apple TV+'s Servant until 3am last night & now that it's a bright and glow-y morning, suddenly you can't find the energy to pull out the ole lawn mower? Husqvarna's Automowers don't get tired (or steal your streaming service passwords). Unsure when is too much to cut or not enough? Husqvarna has it down to a science. They even have GPS technology to control many of the mowers from your freakin phone. And they're silent! Like, you can soundly sleep through your hangover knowing that your Husqvarna Automower has happily left its charging station and began mowing your lawn right on the schedule you chose for it.

Did you even know these amazing things even freakin exist? Well, now you freakin do! Yes, you could win your very own Automower. Sit on your patio with your feet up and enjoy an afternoon cocktail while watching your silent Husqvarna Automower do the work you used to do - but better, more beautifully and more efficiently. All you have to do to enter is head to Instagram and post a photo of your old lawn mower that you're looking to trade and tag #PlawnShop #Sweepstakes and @HusqvarnaUSA and BOOM you're entered! They're giving away THREE incredible Husqvarna Automowers WITH free installation! Like, this is a no brainer to enter. They're also giving 25 first prize winners Husqvarna merch and 20% off of a new Automower at GET THIS DONE BEFORE APRIL 30th PEOPLE!

Sweepstakes is open to the public; no purchase is necessary for entry. Sweepstakes is live from April 7-30, 2022. To learn more visit:


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