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Bodies Bodies Bodies Cast Talks Horror, Whodunits, Meta Humor and more!

Bodies Bodies Bodies SXSW

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Bodies Bodies Bodies stars Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova and Myha'la Herrold talk the smart A24 horror, meta humor and more on iHeartRadio's Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

The A24 film Bodies Bodies Bodies releases wide into theaters today and it's been garnering plenty of buzz into its release.The film follows a group of rich 20 somethings as they hold a hurricane party at a remote family estate which doesn't exactly turn out quite the way they planned. The film stars Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha'la Herrold and Pete Davidson and is getting comparisons to Scream for it's fresh, biting meta humor. Like that slasher classic, Bodies Bodies Bodies is whip smart, self referential and has the horror goods to back it up which makes it a great film for fans across the spectrum.

I spoke with Stenberg, Bakalova and Herrold for the latest episode of Pop Culture Weekly, covering the grueling shoot, the "in on the joke" script, if the leading ladies are addicted to their phones and so much more. As you'll see in the interview, the girls were having a great time together for their press run. When asked if the film shoot was just as fun, Stenberg said, "I think it was a little bit difficult in the like, thick of it in the moments where we were getting like, pelted with 40 mile per hour rain droplets, and sticks and mud and blood and screaming and paranoia to be like, this is fun like that. That was kind of hard. But retrospectively at the end of the day or the beginning of the day, like dang, this is such a cool process."

When I asked if they could appreciate the Scream comparison, Stenberg agreed. "When I first read it, I thought it was like a contemporary scream. But I also knew that it was going to have this other layer of emotional depth because of our director Halina. And also because so much of that depth was was baked into the script already. But I love movies like that I love like movies that invert the horror genre, or like movies that invert the the structure of cinema in general, you know, and make it meta. Like that's, that's so cool to me."

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a film that should absolutely be on your radar. Whether you're a horror fan, love a good mystery film or just appreciate a great script, you're bound to get wrapped up into Bodies Bodies Bodies.


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