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The Nearing Death Experience || Death, Grief & Other Sh*t : RESOURCES

Death, Grief & Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss Episode 3: Resources

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The Nearing Death Experience || Kyle McMahon's Death, Grief & Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss: RESOURCES

"Death, Grief and Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss, Episode 3: The Nearing Death Experience, Kyle discusses when he realized the end was nearing, what happened in his Mom's final days and how he almost didn't make it through.

Then, Kyle talks with Dr. Jan Holden, President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and retired Professor Emerita of Counseling at University of North Texas (UNT). They discuss what near-death experiences are, what are the most common things seen, what the science proves and more."


I have collected a set of resources for you that coincide with Episode 3 of Death, Grief and Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss and included them below. Over the coming days and weeks I will continue to update the Resource pages, so feel free to periodically check in on these pages for additional resources.


Death, Grief and Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss is a podcast series following Kyle McMahon in the wake of his mother's passing from pancreatic cancer. Intertwining his grief story with interviews from his travels across the country speaking with subject matter experts ranging from an embalmer to a Medium, an oncological psychologist to a Doctor studying Near Death Experiences and everything in between. Available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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