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Lily Dale, NY & The Spiritualism Movement || Death, Grief & Other Sh*t

Afterlife, Part 3: Lily Dale, NY & The Spiritualism Movement || Death, Grief & Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss

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The Afterlife, Part 2: Lily Dale, NY & The Spiritualism Movement || Kyle McMahon's Death, Grief & Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss


In episode 9 of Death, Grief And Other Shit We Don't Discuss, Kyle McMahon travels to Lily Dale, New York - a gated hamlet in Southwestern New York which is made up entirely of Mediums and Spiritual healers. 

Kyle is given a tour of Lily Dale by Tom Cratsley, a healer and teacher who has been a resident of Lily Dale for decades. Together, they explore the healing temple, pet cemetery, Inspiration Stump and unravel the stories behind this unique town. 

Additionally, Tom talks about the origins of Lily Dale, its ties to the Spiritualism movement of the United States and the incredible life of Spiritualisms founder, Andrew Jackson Davis.

Explore the unforgettable signs our loved ones can leave us, even when it seems unexplainable, on this fascinating journey into the afterlife and spiritual communication, and discover the power of believing in something beyond our physical existence.

Episode Information:

Episode #: 0009
Episode Title: The Afterlife, Part 2: Lily Dale, New York & The Spiritualism Movement
Running Time: 0 hour 35 minutes
Guest: Tom Cratsley


Death, Grief and Other Sh*t We Don't Discuss is a podcast series following Kyle McMahon in the wake of his mother's passing from pancreatic cancer. Intertwining his grief story with interviews from his travels across the country speaking with subject matter experts ranging from an embalmer to a Medium, an oncological psychologist to a Doctor studying Near Death Experiences and everything in between. Available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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