Nate's 3 Things - Wednesday, January 12th


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  1. Kanye West is going around meeting the world leaders? The self proclaimed 'Young Putin' is reportedly set to travel to Russia to meet Putin himself. According to his strategic adviser and confidant, "Russia is going to be a second home for Kanye, he will be spending a lot of time over there."
  2. The Academy awards will return with a host this year! After ratings plummeted in 2021 from 23.64 million people watching, to only 10.4 million, a host might make a big difference. There is no word on who the host will be for the March 27th show, but in a recent interview, Spider-Man star, Tom Holland, hinted he would be interested!
  3. Snoop Dogg has a brand new business venture! He is planning to launch his own brand of hot dogs... yes, hot dogs... called 'Snoop Doggs'. Attorney's for Snoop Dogg applied last month at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a federal trademark registration as a so-called intent-to-use application, which means the brand has not been launched yet.

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