Nate's 3 Things - Thursday, January 20th

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1. Britney Spears' lawyer sent her sister Jamie Lynn a cease and desist letter saying Brit "will not tolerate" Jamie Lynn's continued explotation of her "for monetary gain". Brit's lawyer also responded to dad Jamie's request to have his legal fees paid by the estate. He argues Jamie already paid himself “at least $6 million” from the estate.

2. Cardi B is partnering with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC to cover the burial costs of those lost in the recent Bronx apartment building fire, which killed 19 people. Cardi vowed to cover the expenses to ease any financial burden faced by the families, according to the Wednesday announcement. The horrific blaze — the city’s deadliest in more than 30 years — ripped through an apartment building in the Bronx on January 8th, which authorities blamed on a malfunctioning space heater. It's one of the worst fires in the city's modern history.

3. Taylor Swift has announced a 'Special Vinyl' for Record Store Day! We are just a few months ahead of Record Store Day's fifteenth anniversary and in honor of this special occasion, as well as her position as the first Global Record Store Day Ambassador, Swift will release a "special" vinyl. Details on what, exactly, that vinyl will be are not currently known. With Taylor Swift's enormous backing of record stores in the past, we can assume this is going to be a GREAT surprise.

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