Nate's 3 Things - Friday, January 28th

Jury Reaches A Verdict In Jussie Smollett Trial

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1. A sentencing date is now set in the Jussie Smollett case. The former "Empire" actor, who was found guilty last month on five counts of disorderly conduct, will learn his fate on March 10th. A jury in Illinois found Smollett guilty of lying about a racist and homophobic attack on himself in 2019 near his home in Chicago. The charges he’s convicted of carry a possible sentence of three years in prison, though experts say it’s more likely that he’ll be put on probation and ordered to perform community service.

2. Jason Momoa is living in his luxury Ford RV. He was photographed emerging from the van looking tired and disheveled in the aftermath of his split from Lisa Bonet. The custom RV is worth about $750-thousand. He loves it so much that he took it to the 2018 premiere of “Aquaman.” He also still loves his step-daughter, Zoe Kravitz. He reposted “The Batman” poster and said he was proud of her as she takes on the role of Catwoman.

3. Kim Kardashian's "Skims" shapewear line is now worth $3.2 billion. This comes after a new funding round where $240 million was raised. Kim says this will allow the brand to "focus on bringing more innovations and solutions to our customers."

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