Nate's 3 Things - Friday, February 11th

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1. Last night Ed Sheeran dropped the much-anticipated remix of “The Joker & The Queen,” featuring Taylor Swift... and it's already at 1,843,242 views and counting...

2. Google has released data on the most searched Super Bowl food items. For east coasters, those in Northern states are more likely to search for “buffalo wings,” while those in Southern states tend to search “hot wings.” Dips are also hugely popular, with buffalo chicken dip the most likely to be searched, and the top search of 18 states.

3. The biggest Bengals fan in Delaware is on his way to the Super Bowl! Wilmington native, Norman Oliver, has been a Bengals fan for 50 years, and he is finally getting to see his team play in the biggest game of the year, and he will be there in PERSON! Norman is such a big fan, he even has a customized Bengals blazer that he wears to church... which costed over $2,500!

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