Nate's 3 Things - Wednesday, February 16th

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1. I always love a positive story, especially with public proposals! Meteorologist Mary Lee was taping a weather segment about the Northern Lights for the news in San Francisco when her boyfriend, Ajit Ninan, surprised her in the studio and proposed. Of course, she said YES.

2. Kanye West is finally taking accountability for harassing Kim Kardashian. In his latest series of IG posts, he has acknowledged how his all-caps messages and screenshots could be perceived. He also says that he’s a work in progress. Kim hasn’t responded…to any of it.

The Newarak Native, Iron Hill Brewery, is bringing some h(o)ppiness in the new year, to keep us all happy! They are releasing their gold medal award winning King's Gold American Pilsner to be distributed in DE, NJ, & PA and they are bringing back their beer and girl scout cookie pairing weekend on February 18th & 19th! Well, there goes the 5 pounds I just lost...

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