Krispy Kreme releases new products for St. Patrick's Day

Image of two homemade donuts decorated with the flag of ireland for saint patrick's day

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1. Kim Kardashian recently admonished women to get up and work if they want success. Now she’s being taken to court for allegedly not taking her own advice. She’s accused of not paying her cleaning and maintenance staff. She claims she’s not responsible because she hired a third-party vendor to handle it. Her former housekeeper, Andrew Ramirez, claims she’s also outsourcing her interrogatories to an estate manager. He wants her pay over $18-hundred for not answering the questions herself.

2. Krispy Kreme has announced a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the rollout of four new donuts, their so-called St. Patrick’s Day Collection. They’re available now at participating locations and come in a custom green box (of course!). They are:

Lenny Leprechaun Donut – A glazed donut with green and black icing decorated like a leprechaun with buttercream and a fondant hat.

Luck O’ the Rainbow Donut – An original glazed that is dipped in green icing and green sprinkles then topped off with buttercream and a sugar piece rainbow.

Patrick’s Shamrock Donut – A donut filled with original kreme and dipped in white icing and topped with a shamrock sprinkle blend.

Green Iced with Sprinkles Donut – An original glazed that’s dipped in green icing and topped with a St. Patrick’s sprinkle blend.

They’re also bringing back their O’riginal Glazed Donut which is a green-dyed version of their original glazed and anyone who dresses in green tomorrow and Thursday can get a free O’riginal Glazed Donut in-shop, pick-up or drive-thru and no purchase is necessary.

3. A new survey from Wag! revealed how pet parents truly feel about their furbabies. The results? They love them! 88% who adopted dogs are "satisfied with their last adoption experience” while 93% say their dog has provided them with "mental health support."

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