Harry Styles Releases New Single 'As It Was'

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1. Will Packer opened up to “Good Morning America” about what happened at the Oscars. He said the Los Angeles Police Department was on-hand and ready to arrest Will Smith after he smacked Chris Rock. Chris was “dismissive” about pressing charges. Packer also claims that he never spoke directly to Smith. That’s in direct contradiction to what TMZ is reporting.

2. Motel 6 has come out with their list of the Most Pet Friendly Road Trip Destinations. They judged locations on things like access to dog parks, greenspaces and hiking trails, plus proximity to pet stores and veterinarians, dog-friendly. Topping the list is Santa Monica, California, thanks to its hundreds of nearby hiking and walking trails, plus plenty of dining with open air patios that let folks bring their pets.

The wait for new Harry Styles music is officially over. The singer just dropped the new tune “As It Was,” from his upcoming album “Harry’s House,” which drops May 20th. Listen to the new song below...

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