J-Lo and Ben Affleck Looking at $165 Million Manor for New Home

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1. Hailey Bieber set some boundaries with Internet trolls in a video posted on TikTok. In her video, she said that all of the haters out there should “be miserable somewhere else, please.” Check out the video below.

2. According to a new Instacart poll 77% of Americans intend to purchase Easter candy. 65% actually think Easter treats are the best seasonal candy. The Cadbury Crème Egg is the most popular Easter candy. Not only is it the best-selling Easter treat on Instacart, it’s the most popular Easter candy in 24 states.

3. Bennifer Reportedly Going After $165M Spelling Mansion: Who needs a $55 million dollar mansion when you can get an even bigger one for $165 million? If the reports are true, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are considering dropping the massive sum for a spot in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles that once belonged to the late Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy. The massive 56-thousand square foot property, which sits on a generous four-point-six acres, houses an impressive hundred garage spaces, fourteen bedrooms, a spacious dining area, and 27 full bathrooms. Amenities include a bowling alley, a plush movie theater, tennis court, hair salon, and a pool and Jacuzzi combo.

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