Offices Are Even Trying Alcohol To Get Us Back In The Office

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1. The Wall Street Journal reports that some businesses, in order to lure people back to the workplace from home, are putting bars in at work, or loosening up the rules about alcohol at work.

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore opened with $43 million to place number one at the Easter weekend domestic box office. That puts the $200 million movie — which marks the third installment in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter spinoff franchise — well behind its predecessors. Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them debuted to $74.4 million in 2016 and it's sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, came in below that, at $62.2 million.

3. The Bethany Beach- area Ocean View Brewing Company is offering an sandwich that I have NEVER seen before, it's a buttermilk fried lobster tail on a toasted and buttered house-made glazed doughnut topped with an egg and chili crisp... appropriately named 'Naptime'. Now it is priced at $29 which is kinda high... but dang it will be worth the money!

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