Justin Bieber Drops New Tune 'I Feel Funny', NFL Draft Starts Tonight

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1. Olivia Wilde was on stage talking about her film, “Don’t Worry Darling,” when she was apparently served with custody papers

Wilde shares her two children with ex Jason Sudekis.

As “The Hollywood Reporter” explains, Wilde was on stage talking about her film when she was approached by a stranger and handed an envelope marked “personal and confidential.”

After realizing what it was, she carried on with her presentation.

A source close to Sudeikis maintains he “had no prior knowledge” that Wilde would be served like that.

2. Justin Bieber has shared some new music, and it’s certainly a bit bizarre. The singer released the track “I Feel Funny,” which has him rapping an obscure little 90-second tune.

The NFL Draft starts tonight and you will be able to watch live on ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network.

The event is happening live in Las Vegas with The Eagles having the 15th and the 18th overall picks, the Washington Commanders have pick 11 and the Baltimore Ravens have pick 14.

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