Wawa to Include More Delaware Locations in Their Expansion Plan

The Wawa gas station, fast food restaurant, and convenience store.

Photo: Getty Images

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1. Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl last night while on stage performing during the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ festival.

Chappelle was wrapping his set when an as yet unnamed man jumped up on stage and tackled him to the floor. Security soon appeared.

Chappelle’s fine – even joking about it afterward.

2. Justin Bieber is sharing that he thought marriage would instantly make him a better person. He struggled when it didn't! He admitted to having an "emotional breakdown." He also said that he was able to become a better husband, but thanks his faith for that.

3. Wawa CEO, Chris Gheysens, told the Philadelphia Business journal that he wants to have nearly 2,000 Wawa stores by 2030... right now they have 965... this will include more in Delaware. The first one on the plan is on Route 40 and Bear Christiana Road in Bear. It will be a new construction in place of an older Wawa.

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