Dr. Taylor Swift & A New Big Mac World Record

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1. After receiving an honorary degree, Taylor Swift delivered the commencement speech at NYU. Here’s a clip of Swift saying that you should learn to live with “cringe."

2. According to a new survey by the travel guide Fodor’s 87% of folks are planning to travel this summer.

When it comes to picking where to go, the guide asked their readers to share their picks for the most Overrated Attractions in the World.

Topping the list is the Disney Theme Parks, with the main complaints being that it’s too crowded and too expensive.

3. Guinness World Records says that Donald Gorske (USA) is the ultimate Big Mac fan. You won't be surprised to hear that Donald thinks the burger is the best sandwich in the world-you'd have to think so to eat one almost every day for 50 years! More often than not, he actually eats two Big Macs a day. Guinness celebrated Donald's updated record for the most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime with a new official total of 32,340 Big Macs.

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