(Photo) Rihanna Welcomes First Child, Ed Sheeran welcomes Second

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1. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky finally welcomed their son into the world. Sources say that the lad made his world debut on Friday, May 13th in Los Angeles. At this point, we haven’t heard directly from the parents, and we don’t know what name they’ve given their little boy. Chris Brown was presumably among those extending well-wishes toward his former girlfriend

2. White Claw has rolled out new flavors just in time for summer with White Claw Hard Seltzer REFRSHR Lemonades. The new beverages come in new striped cans and are available in four distinctive flavors.

Limoń – Has a hint of Calamansi

Blood Orange – this one offers a splash of Black Raspberry

Blackberry – Comes with a hint of Red Cherry

Strawberry – Has a dash of Kiwi

The drinks use White Claw’s BrewPure process and are made with seltzer water, an alcohol base and fruit flavors and contain 5% ABV and 100 calories. According to Thrillist they aren’t sweet and tart like other hard lemonades.

3. Ed Sheeran announced on Instagram that he and wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their second baby together, another daughter. They're already parents to daughter Lyra Antarctica, born in August 2020.

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