McDonald's Is Closing Hundreds Of Locations Inside Walmart Stores!

It seems almost second nature to find a McDonald's inside of a Walmart, but this summer you'll notice things are a bit different. Hundreds of McDonald's locations inside of Walmart stores across the U.S. are expected to close due to the lack of business. Back in July, McDonald's said it would be closing 200 restaurants in 2020 and that over half of them were at Walmart locations. The retailer confirmed, at the end of the summer just 150 McDonald’s stores will remain at Walmart.

While Walmart used to rely heavily on restaurants inside of its locations, now stores will be switching to more grab-and go options. Some locations have leased space to banks, hair and nail salons and veterinarian clinics. The company said in a statement,

"We have a great opportunity with our leased space business to help our stores become even more convenient and relevant to local communities. We are excited to continue to bring in new businesses that make sense for our customers and their changing needs."

Photo Credit: Getty Images