Uber Is Offering Sign-Up Bonuses And Other Incentives For Drivers!

Uber is facing high demand for rides and meal delivery and in order to get more drivers on board, the company is offering sign-up bonuses and other incentives for drivers. The company said that the demand for ride sharing, which plunged during the pandemic last year, has recovered more quickly than expected. Passenger bookings last month reached the highest level since last March with an annual run rate of $30 billion.

Uber not only announced $250 million in sign-up bonuses, but another perk is that Uber has partnered with Walgreens to make it easier for drivers to get vaccinated. One bonus that drivers may still be holding out on is possibly getting better pay and benefits. Last month, Uber in the UK was forced to classify its drivers as workers instead of self-employed after a Supreme Court ruling there.

Would you consider being an Uber driver with these benefits?

Photo Credit: Getty Images