Rock God Monte Pittman Discusses Working With Madonna, Solo Success

Monte Pittman talks his long time collaboration with Madonna and his esteemed solo career.

You've seen Monte Pittman perform. Whether it was at the most watched Super Bowl Half Time show in history (getting more viewers than the game itself), Live Earth or in stadiums (& sometimes theaters) across the world, you've seen him perform. He's often bopping his head along to the beat as he meticulously spits out licks that most guitarists could only dream of.

For nearly 20 years, Pittman has been working closely along side Madonna. First as her guitar teacher, then as her guitarist and even occasionally as a songwriting partner. It all happened, as many things are, due to fate. After working at Guitar Center in Los Angeles after moving from Texas, Pittman was contacted by Guy Ritchie's assistant to give guitar lessons to the director. That directors girlfriend soon followed with her own lessons. That girlfriend, happened to be none other than the most famous woman in the world: Madonna.

They began lessons and formed a friendship that lasts to this day. Soon after, Madonna debuted Don't Tell Me on The Late Show with David Letterman. It would be an acoustic performance and the first time Madonna would play guitar on a world stage. She asked Pittman to join her. The response to the performance was deafening.

He joined her on her first tour in nearly a decade, Drowned World Tour, which was an instant sell out. Over the years, Madonna became a seasoned and accomplished guitarist, playing both acoustic and electric guitar to sold out stadiums and arenas around the world. Monte Pittman has always been by her side or watching from behind her like a proud parent.

Madonna & Monte Pittman by TomUSE

In between stints with Madonna, Pittman started a band led by Adam Lambert, until Adam decided to try out for American Idol. We know how that worked out for Adam. He played as a member of the legendary heavy metal band Prong and has released six solo albums.

His albums have veered from Beatles-eqsue pop to full on heavy metal thrashing in the vein of his idols. His latest two releases, Between The Space and Better or Worse were released simultaneously through Metal Blade Records. Better or Worse is an intricate acoustic record showing the softer side of Monte Pittman. Between The Space lets his heavy metal rocker flag fly high as he lets loose with the fury of a thousand Randy Rhoads.

As Madonna launches the next phase of her incredible career, Pittman is once again at Madonna's side. The two are rehearsing guitar parts for the upcoming Madame X Tour which, as usual, sold out immediately.

You can keep up with Monte Pittman on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and check out his website. His music is available on the iHeart Radio App and all music outlets. Listen to Pop Culture Weekly #18 - Monte Pittman for the full interview.

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