Madonna's Madame X Album #1 In 60 Countries

Madonna's Madame X is #1 in 60 countries already, 37 years into her career.

The Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, released her 14th album yesterday and it is already another huge success. Madame X hit #1 in 60 countries within an hour of release on the iTunes Charts. The iTunes Charts represent pure sales, which is a an almost exact gauge of how the Billboard Top 200 Albums will shake out. The latin infused set finds Madonna once again reinventing herself, this time as Madame X, a secret agent traveling the world.

Madonna says, "Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. She is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. A spy in the house of love. I am Madame X."

Madame X is her first album since 2015's Rebel Heart, which was tragically leaked in full 6 months before the album was to be released. This caused the album to be rush released in parts, with a third of the album being pushed out almost immediately, another third released a couple of months later and the final third a month or so after that. Unfortunately, the leak and strategy caused charting eligibility issues and made Rebel Heart hit #2, breaking her 5 album in a row streak at #1. Over all, Madame X hitting #1 will mark her 9th #1 album out of 14. The others to miss the mark where her debut album Madonna (#8, 1983), Erotica (#2, 1992), Bedtime Stories (#3, 1994) and Ray of Light (#2, 1998).

With the low key vibe of Madame X, Madonna has chosen a totally different strategy regarding the promotion of the entire album. In lieu of a traditional single, Medellín was released throughout the world as a buzz song, with a technologically advanced performance at the Billboard Music Awards. I Rise was released as the next buzz song, followed by the first U.S. single, Crave. Future and Dark Ballet followed as two more buzz songs leading up to the release of Madame X. In fact, the entire series of promotional appearances supporting the album are more scaled back than she's ever done before. On June 21st at 6:30p EST, iHeart will be broadcasting a special, iHeart Radio ICONS: Madonna - In Support of Madame X. The special will feature a Q&A on the album and an exclusive intimate performance.

While she's known for her insane sold out stadium and arena tours, she's even going intimate with The Madame X Tour. Instead of her usual run of multiple sold out nights in stadiums and arenas around the world, Madonna chose to do a theater tour, set up like the living room sessions she's been a participant of in her temporary home in Portugal. While tickets just went on sale to the general public a few days ago, nearly all the tickets are already gone. She will play multiple nights in a few select cities, including 17 dates in New York, 15 dates in Los Angeles and multiple nights in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami and Chicago, before hitting select cities overseas.

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