Daily Do Good: High School Cafeteria Worker Saves Choking Student

A cafeteria worker at a Cleveland high school is being praised for saving a student from choking on a bottle cap. Megan Kulikowski was working the register at the cafeteria at Padua Franciscan High School in Cleveland, Ohio, when a student approached her for help. The teen girl was red in the face and was gasping for air. “I could hear her mumble 'help', but you could tell it was struggled," Kulikowski says. "I yelled for help … I threw my arms around her!"

Kulikowski, who’s also a mother of two, performed the Heimlich maneuver on the student and managed to successfully clear the obstruction. “I was totally caught by surprise when I looked at the ground and it was a bottle cap from a water bottle," she recalls. She then gave the student some water and took her to the school nurse.

The parents of the student say they’re eternally grateful to Kulikowski and the rest of the staff at Padua Franciscan, but Kulikowski says she was just doing what any one of her coworkers would have done in the same situation. "I am greatly appreciative, but again I don’t feel like I did anything else that these other women wouldn’t have done,” she says, and adds, “We all care about these kids so much.”

Source: News 5 Cleveland

Heimlich manoeuvre

Photo: Getty Images

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