Model Says She Was Forced To Move Plane Seats Due To Her Large Breasts

Leia Parker, who goes by "Jodie Juggs," claims that she was forced to sit in a plane's galley after fellow passengers on her flight from Los Angeles to London kept complaining about the model's breasts.

Parker, who has a size 32T chest, told New York Post, "The passengers were so vile to me. One female passenger said to the stewardess that she wanted, 'this girl and her stupid t-ts moved.' She said I kept pushing up against her boyfriend, but there was just not enough space."

She said some passengers were even asking for upgrades just to escape her. Eventually, she was moved to the back of the airplane in the galley area, as no other seats were available. She has complained to the unnamed airline but has not received a response or apology.

According to Parker's Instagram, she is a 'UK glamour model & exotic dancer with UK's biggest boobs.'

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