Daily Do Good: Police Dog Rescues 80-Year-Old Hunter Who Fell In River

A K9 with the Michigan State Police helps rescue a missing 80-year-old hunter who’d fallen into a river. Last week, Michigan State Police Troopers responded to a call about a missing 80-year-old hunter. The hunter’s wife said her husband had gone hunting earlier and had been missing for three hours. She became concerned when she heard his gun go off several times, indicating to her that he needed help.

The troopers brought in a helicopter to help in the search and also called in a canine unit. K9 Loki soon found the hunter near a river less than a mile from his home. The hunter was cold and wet after having apparently fallen into the river multiple times.

One of the troopers gave the man his shirt, coat, and gloves to help him get warm before rescuers transported him out of the woods by boat. The hunter was then taken to a nearby hospital where he was later reported to be in good health.

Source: ABC 12

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