Daily Do Good: Woman Stolen At Birth Meets Sibling For First Time

A North Carolina woman who was stolen from her biological mother at birth gets to meet her sister for the first time. Sara Rosenblatt was born in the late seventies in Chile. At seven-months-old, she was adopted by a Jewish family near Washington, D.C. and grew up believing that her birth mother voluntarily put her up for adoption.

But when Sara’s adopted brother heard about Tyler Graf, a Chilean-born Texas firefighter who was stolen at birth, later reunited with his birth mother, and then started a nonprofit to help reconnect others like him with their birth families, he shared the information with his sister. She connected with Graf’s nonprofit and after taking a DNA test, discovered that she too had been stolen from the birth family, and she had a biological sister in Chile.

A couple of months ago, Sara traveled to Chile and finally got to meet her sister. She says the connection was instantaneous. "Looking at each other, we were like, 'This is definitely my sister!'" she recalls. And the reunion has been healing and has changed her life. "It's been really validating to go through this process," she says. "It's a process that I have to go through, but I'm not alone in it."

Source: People

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