Daily Do Good: Marine Vet Rescues Women From Car Stuck In Pond

A former Marine rescues two women from a car stuck in a Northwest Indiana pond. Last week, Carlos Fernandez was driving his truck in South Chicago when he spotted a car stuck in a pond off the side of the road. The former Marine pulled over to see if he could help and when he found out there were people still inside the vehicle, he sprang into action to rescue them.

"I didn't know it was anybody in the car,” Fernandez recalls. “And a gentleman yelled out, 'There's two people in the car,' and as soon as I heard that, I instantly jumped in the water." The two women in the car were panicking, so one-at-a-time Fernandez carried them out of the water.

Fortunately, neither of the women was seriously injured in the incident and Fernandez is glad he was there to help them out. "I just felt like it was the right thing to do,” he says. “Something we preach in the Marine Corps is integrity, doing the right thing when nobody's looking."

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

Rain Falling in the Duck Pond at Central Park, New York City

Photo: Getty Images

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