Ben & Jerry’s Brings Back Free Cone Day After 4 Years

Thanks to the pandemic and quarantine, we missed out on a lot of fun events, but after four long years, one of them is returning. Ben & Jerry’s announced this week that Free Cone Daythe annual event where the ice cream brand gives away freebies, is happening once again in 2023.

Mark your calendars for April 3rd, when they’ll be giving away free ice cream at their scoop shops across the country from noon to 8p.m. And you can get any flavor you want and get in line as many times as you want! The 44-year-old ice cream brand started the springtime event way back in 1979, after co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield survived the long winter with an average temperature below freezing all season.

“To celebrate their first year in business and thank the local community for their support, the co-founders decided to open the doors and scoop free ice cream,” Ben & Jerrys explains. “It wasn’t just a taste. It wasn’t just one flavor. It was all the ice cream the duo could churn out. They called it ‘Free Cone Day’ — and just like that… an annual celebration was born.”

Source: Today

Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Movie World's Gold Coast.

Photo: Getty Images

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