Celine Dion continues to battle health crisis

Celine Dion has canceled all her upcoming performances due to her ongoing battle with the rare neurological condition Stiff Person Syndrome.

A source close to Celine said her situation may be even worse than she's letting on.

The insider recently told Radar Online how much Celine’s condition had changed. The source said, "Celine is keeping her condition private at the moment, but her life has changed drastically. She sees specialists like a neurologist, a holistic practitioner, and occupational and physical therapists. Still, she is holding out hope that she can beat the odds."

The insider added that the star is doing yoga and physical therapy as part of her wellness routine. She has her eye on performing on stage close to the end of next year. The source added, "She's refusing to accept defeat. She's going to fight this with everything she's got. She just wants to sing live in front of an audience again."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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