Firefighters Rescue Boy Who Fell Down Well At Recess

A Marysville, Washington, 12-year-old had a scary brush with danger earlier this week during school recess, surviving a fall into a well. According to the Marysville Fire District, the boy was standing on a concrete well lid when it partially gave way, plunging him 20 feet down into the well.

Fortunately, the quick thinking boy managed to cling to a plastic pipe, partially submerged in the water and unable to touch the well's bottom. Bystanders called 911 and a fire crew was on the scene moments later. Rescuers lowered a helmet and life vest down to the boy while they worked to remove the crumbling concrete lid and eventually hoisted the child back to the surface.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and was reportedly in good shape having only suffered a few cuts to his head. The fire department later took to social media to praise rescuers and the victim, writing, "Thanks to all involved in this rescue and this very brave boy for hanging in there through it all."

Source: WPTV

Firefighter about to close the door of his truck

Photo: Getty Images

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