3 Things You Must See: Civilians Lift Bus To Save A Guy Pinned Under

An 18-year-old guy in Germany tripped while running to catch a bus and ended up getting pinned under one of the wheels.  

But 40 people lifted the bus off of him, and he's okay.  It sounds like he only ended up with a broken arm. 

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Old School Video of a Guy Bragging About His $5,000 Analog TV



This video from the year 1999 has gone viral because it shows how far technology has advanced. 



It's a guy bragging to his friends that his New Year's Eve bash will feature his brand-new analog TV that cost him $5,000.  (???)  He leads them down to the basement to show off the TV, and they're all blown away.


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Woman Uses "Mom Voice" to Shoo Aggressive Bird from Her Home



It's always chaos when a bird flies into somebody's house . . . because it's so difficult to get it OUT.  This woman in Australia decided to use reason.  She tried to talk the bird into leaving by using her "mom voice." 



She also warns her little boy to keep his distance because it's a magpie, and those birds can be dangerous.



(Warning:  There's an F-word at 0:20 in the video.)


Photo: INDRANIL MUKHERJEE / AFP / Getty Images

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