Daily Do Good: Man Gives Away Flowers, Holds Signs To Spread Positivity

Last Friday, a Jacksonville, Florida, woman named Rika experienced a heartwarming random act of kindness and shared the moment with a local news station. She was out picking up lunch when she spotted a man in the median of a busy road near Jax Beach holding a sign that read “Have a Wonderful Day!!! I Love You,” and “You are Relevant.”

Rika says, like most people, she would normally glance at the person and keep going, but decided to read the sign since she was at a stop light. As she snapped a couple of pics of the man, he approached her and handed her a sunflower. The heartwarming gesture made Rika’s day and reminded her to “appreciate the small things.”

A commenter to the story on News4Jax later identified the man as Ashley Lake, writing that they’re “proud to call him a friend.” Other commenters praised Lake for his act of kindness, with one writing, “Thank you for spreading love and kindness xoxo 🌹”

Source: NEWS 4 JAX

Kindness word from wooden blocks

Photo: Piotrekswat / iStock / Getty Images

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