High School Band Director Tased After Not Ending Performance

Million dollar band brass section

Photo: sshepard / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

Late last week, a high school band director in Alabama found himself on the wrong end of police and a taser. Johnny Mims serves as director of the Minor High School band in Jefferson County. After the conclusion of the football game between Minor and Jackson-Olin High School, bands from both schools continued playing as the stadium cleared out. Cops asked both band directors to wrap it up, but Mims opted to keep the music flowing. After Mims was allegedly asked to stop his band from playing a few times, police decided it was time to take him into custody. Mims reportedly resisted being put into cuffs, and that’s when the taser came out…thus ending the evening for Mims and his band. After being released from the hospital, the renegade band director was booked and bonded.

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