DDG: Students Save Mom & Toddler Trapped Under Car After Being Hit

A group of high school students from Layton Christian Academy in Layton, Utah, are being hailed as heroes after coming to the rescue of a mom and her two kids following a car accident. In front of the school, a driver was blinded by the sun and accidentally hit academic advisor Bridgette Ponson, and her two children, Archer and Brightley.

With the mom and her son pinned under the vehicle, the students quickly gathered and lifted the car, enabling bystanders to rescue the mother and child. Ponson was taken to the hospital and had to undergo surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery. Her husband, Andrew, expressed gratitude to the students and staff member Dominique Childress for their lifesaving actions.

Chris Crowder, the head of Layton Christian Academy, commended the students for their quick response and strength in that critical moment. He says he believes that without the students' intervention, the mother and child might not have survived. Andrew echoed this sentiment, thanking the students for their monumental role in saving his family.


Police sirens in operation. Blue and red flash lights of emergency car in action. Police crew with the siren lights on emergency alert.

Photo: vmargineanu / iStock / Getty Images

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