Daily Do Good: 12-Year-Old Makes Easter Baskets For Kids In Shelters

Josh Sowden, a 12-year-old boy named from Worcester, Massachusetts, began a mission four years ago to make sure every child has a joyful Easter by making baskets for those in shelters. He got the idea for the initiative when he visited a homeless shelter with his aunt and learned that many kids in shelters weren't receiving Easter baskets. With support from his family, Josh donated 34 Easter baskets that first year and has continued to expand his efforts each year since.

Despite facing homelessness themselves shortly after the project kicked off, Josh and his family remained committed to giving back to their community. Living in a hotel for a time was difficult for them, but it only made them more determined to help others. With a renewed sense of purpose, Josh has a goal to beat last year's number by creating nearly 200 baskets for children in need for this Easter.

To accomplish this goal, Josh and his family launched the "Josh's Easter baskets for the homeless" Facebook page to gather support and donations. Funds raised will go towards purchasing baskets, pails, and Easter items like chalk, crayons, and eggs. Each basket will be tailored to the age of the child receiving it. Josh's family is behind him 100% and is inspired by his desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Source: CBS NEWS

Close-Up Of Easter Bunny And Candies On Table

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