Daily Do Good: Gas Station Workers Save Life Of Customer In Cardiac Arrest

Bruce Bartlett, a frequent customer at Zippy J’s in Longview, Texas, was saved by gas station workers when he suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this month. Brandi Sprague, the manager, and her colleagues quickly jumped in to perform CPR on Bartlett, who had turned purple, until emergency medical technicians arrived. Their swift action greatly improved his chances of survival.

Destiny Washington, another of the gas station workers involved, says she was initially unsure about performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but did it anyway. Their efforts paid off, and Bartlett's family now wants to help raise awareness about the importance of CPR training and readiness in saving lives.

Bartlett expressed his deep gratitude toward his rescuers, calling them his "angels on Earth" and saying how important it is to have caring people around who are willing to help others in critical situations. He and his family hope his story will inspire others to learn CPR and be prepared to act in emergencies, noting what a difference it has made for him.

Source: KTBS

Young business man hand pump on chest for first aid emergency CPR.

Photo: Kanizphoto / iStock / Getty Images

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