DDG: Dog Lost In Avalanche Seen On Trail Camera After 11 Months

Last March, Jacob Dalbey was skiing in the backcountry near Marble, Colorado, with some friends and his Border Collie Rottweiler mix Ullr when they were caught in an avalanche. Dalbey made it out of the avalanche, but was badly injured in the incident, was hospitalized, and had to undergo surgery. Ullr was also believed to have escaped the avalanche, but after the incident he was nowhere to be found.

A friend started a crowdfund to help pay trackers to find Ullr, since Dalbey’s injuries meant he wouldn’t be able to go into the backcountry to find his dog himself. Eleven months to the day after the incident, wildlife cameras set up by the trackers caught a pair of images of Ullr, alive and healthy, providing proof that the pup is still out there waiting to be rescued.

The sightings came as a relief to Dalbey, who never lost hope that his dog might be alive. Plans are underway to safely bring Ullr home and Dalbey urged anyone in the area to report any sightings or evidence that might lead to a reunion. He expressed gratitude to all those who’ve supported the search effort, without them his four-legged friend might have been lost forever.

Source: NBC NEWS

Snow mountain in Switzerland

Photo: Jin xing / Moment / Getty Images

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