DDG: Retired Woman Becomes “Guardian Angel” By Helping Strangers With Rides

Fort Worth, Texas, retiree Lyn Story has become a guardian angel to strangers in need, offering rides to medical appointments and other assistance, expecting nothing in return. After meeting Apryl Goodwin, who was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had no transportation, Story stepped in to help, driving her to over 25 radiation appointments and six chemotherapy treatments, among other doctor visits.

Goodwin describes Story as incredibly dedicated, even flagging down help when her own car broke down to make sure that Goodwin made it to her chemo appointment. But her kindness extends beyond Goodwin, she’s also helped Kevin Horrigan, who’s legally blind, by driving him to and from work. Horrigan calls Story a "little angel" for her support, which has been instrumental in helping him manage his daily life.

Despite her own past struggles, including run-ins with the law and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Story has devoted herself to helping others. Through her acts of kindness and selflessness, she inspires those around her, earning the gratitude and admiration of people like Goodwin, who considers her a true guardian angel.

Source: CBS NEWS

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Photo: Friend of Mars / DigitalVision / Getty Images

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