DDG: Missing Michigan Teen Found Safe After Being Seen On Livestream

A teen from Flint, Michigan, who’d been missing for several months, was found safe in Miami after being spotted on a Twitch livestream. The Flint Township Police Department had initially requested the public's help in locating 17-year-old Troy Coleman, who’d last been seen leaving his home and was believed to have boarded an MTA bus.

Coleman's brother identified him on a stream by FaZe Lacy, leading to the confirmation that the missing teen was alive and well. FaZe Lacy shared an email from the brother, explaining that the teen was dealing with mental health issues and was not on drugs after a viral video clip showed the teen approaching the streamers at a restaurant, shirtless and wearing green shorts.

On the Fourth of July, police confirmed that the missing teen had been found safe in Miami. The Flint Township Police Department expressed their gratitude to everyone who shared Coleman’s information and said that they’re collaborating with local authorities to ensure his safe return to Michigan to reunite with his family.


Document: MicroStockHub / iStock / Getty Images

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