Chrissy's Court on Quibi Is Your Next New Streaming Addiction

Chrissy's Court on Quibi Is Your Next New Streaming Addiction

You know and love Chrissy Tiegen. And if you don't, well you don't matter so just stop reading. The hysterical model, on air talent, author and social media superstar can always be found tweeting what almost all of us are thinking. This makes her new Quibi show Chrissy's Court, the best vehicle yet for her.

Chrissy's Court is a courtroom show, a la Judge Judy, but with a cool, younger, fresh edge. She oversees various small claims cases, giving the realness we love about her. Her verdicts are legally binding, but let's be honest here - everything Chrissy says ever is legally binding.

The first episode, C-Rap Music, finds a charming older gentleman accusing a younger man of breaking his speaker. Specifically, Joey, the older gentlemen was singing songs from long, long ago as a performer in a restaurant when David, ordering takeout, asks him to sing a rap song. Apparently, this startled Joey causing him to fall back into his speaker, breaking it...along with the hearts of so many blue haired beauties.

Chrissy brings in expert music witness, and husband, John Legend to give his opinion on the unfolding events. It also gives us some additional comic relief watching the couple interact with Tiegen at one point commenting, "Can I have one thing to myself, ever?"

I won't spoil the outcome, but the 7 minute first episode is a highly enjoyable take on the long running courtroom judge genre with a whip smart and funny spin in the way only Chrissy Tiegen can give. To add even more fun to the mix, her mom Vilailuck Teigen serves as the bailiff.

Chrissy's Court is the excellent, fun escape we need right now and you can find it right now on Quibi. It's just one of the reasons that Quibi is the next big streaming service you'll want to subscribe to.

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